TUF 13 Finale: Guida vs. Pettis Pick Em

Posted on Jun 4 2011 - 4:12am by HOV-MMA

• Clay Guida vs. Anthony Pettis

Clay Guida proved at UFC 125 that he works well seeing a game plan through from start to finish. He had the patience to stay out of Takanori Gomi’s range and eventually go in for the kill in order to finish his opponent in under 2 Rounds. It worked against a one dimensional fighter in Gomi. The problem is Pettis is the complete opposite of one dimensional. Pettis is much more dangerous and unpredictable than anyone Guida has already defeated and will take care of business here in his UFC debut. Pettis via Decison

• Ramsey Nijem vs. Tony Ferguson

For the first time in years I did not catch much at all of the TUF series. If I had someone on my staff I’d have them do the picks on these house fights. It’d be like throwing darts so I’m just gonna pass on these but I look forward to catching the season marathon before the fights so I can get all caught up. If I don’t fall asleep first.

Next season we will be back to reviewing every episode and enjoying a season that should be one of the best of all time! (not even being sarcastic here. Mayhem vs. Bisping + Bantams and Feathers!)

• Tim Credeur vs. Ed Herman

Credeur via finish

• Kyle Kingsbury vs. Fabio Maldonado

 Kingsbury via decision

• Chuck O’ Neil vs. Chris Cope

No idea.

Preliminary Card (Facebook Live Stream)

• Jeremy Stephens vs. Danny Downes

This fight, the next fight, and Jorgensen vs. Stone could easily be slotted in on the Main Card. These are three solid fights that hopefully will be available Live on Facebook tomorrow. Danny Downes defeats a solid opponent here in his UFC debut via something that is cool

• John Grispi vs. George Roop

 How bad does George Roop want to forget his last fight. We actually could say the same thing about John Grispi though right? This one is really a toss up and could easily take FOTN honors. I’ll take Grispi here via KO, taking one of those five steps he lost back after his fight against Porier.

• Ryan McGillivray vs. Shamar Bailey

I  keep seeing stuff about the Shamar guy on blogs but nothing about McGillivray. Still not making a pick.

• Clay Harvison vs. Justin Edwards

Another TUF 13 cast fight

• Scott Jorgensen vs. Ken Stone

Scott Jorgensen must have rubbed someone the wrong way over at the Zuffa Main Office. Going from Co Headliner of one of the best MMA cards in the world last year to Undercard of a TUF Finale is a slap in the face in my book. I mean I could understand if he was Jon Fitch or something but this guy is actually one of the more exciting fighters out there. Jorgensen via tune into the Facebook Live Stream for a treat

• Reuben Duran vs. Francisco Rivera

Duran via Decision


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