EllisMania 6 Results

Posted on Nov 7 2010 - 6:29pm by HOV-MMA

Robot Fight pic & Results via BestofEllis .

Fight videos should be posted soon at EllisMania

• Musical Chairs fight Winner: Rocky Balboa

• Hot Chick Fight: Erika Ashley vs. Ashley Speilman

 Erika Ashley wins . Speilman forfeits after Round 1. Turns out she was worried about her nose.

• Robot Fight: Team Cock vs. Team Vagina 2000

 Team Vagina 2000 comes away victorious in the First Round.

• Jason Ellis vs. We Outspoken

Ellismate knocks out 3 of the 4 band members in the 1st Round. Completes the job by finishing off the final member  in the 2nd Round

• Don Frye Fight: Steve Linterman vs. Brian Jonker

 The fight ends up in a draw. Apparently what on paper looked like a great idea turned out to be a shite fight.

• Four Way Shock Collar Fight: Jason Ellis, Kit Cope, Kevin Stuard & Jeff Honaker.

 Stuard and Honaker gassed out . Cope ended up catching Ellis and choking him out in dramatic fashion.

• Ronnie Faist vs. Donald Schultz

 Ronnie Faist wins via TKO, 3rd Round.

Mayhem vs Ellis, RawDog vs. Angel results after the break.

• Jason *Mayhem* Miller vs. Jason Ellis:

Mayhem tapped Ellis five times.

• Main Event: RawDog vs. Angel

Angel wins via decision.


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